SDNR’s 2nd Annual Toronto Indigenous Fashion Week

SDNR's 2nd Annual Toronto Indigenous Fashion Week

It has been an extremely busy summer for us here at York and beyond. As everyone on our team has been collectively working towards advancing SDNR’s goals and long term objectives, all members are also involved with many other important commitments. This summer, we also began to put together a viable working business plan, marketing strategy, and financial assessment tools for the launching of our upcoming clothing line.

The fall is soon approaching and with that being said, we are now working to launch our Second Annual Toronto Indigenous Fashion Week which will take place this coming December 2018. While last year’s show drew the attention of thousands of people, this year we want to ensure that we are reaching as many Indigenous youths as possible, particularly those living in isolated regions of Ontario.

Although all Indigenous Artists, Models, and Designers are welcomed to apply, we are extremely interested in hearing from our Indigenous youths living on reserves!

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